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Meet the athlete, Erko Jun

Posted on 24-9-2019 by office@gorillawear.com

Erko Jun, the "bad boy" was constrained moved from his nation of origin as result of the 1992 Bosnian War. He started a new life in Belgium. Here he start performing combat sports.  He loved it, and worked his butt off any time of the day, but a injury throws a spanner in the works. During that specific MMA training he injured himself. It was a true disaster, he completely lost sense in in right leg, from his knee to his toe. Recovery took up over 6 months and doctors told him that he would never fully recover again. But even this disaster did not stopped Erko from keep on going. He discovered the gym, fitness and bodybuilding while recovering. But, Erko got more and more problems at home and was on the streets more often then he used to be. He wasted his time on things he is not the most proudest of. Going through life as a ‘bad-guy’ he met Bill Richardson who taught Erko to focus his energy on the positive instead of the negative. 

Nowadays Erko Jun is a well-known influencer, fitness model and professional MMA fighter. Yes, that is right, against all expectations of the doctors in the past, Erko is performing MMA, this time on a professional level. He signed a contract with KSW and yet won his first 3 MMA fights. 

Weight: 185 - 195lbs (83.9kg - 88.5)
Height: 5’9’’ (175cm)
Year of birth: 1990
Nationality: Bosnia/Belgian  
Profession: professional KSW fighter 
Reach: 72.8 inc (185 cm)

Professional results
- 3-time junior bodybuilding champion.
- Balkan Championships 2nd place.
- Musclemania Show Miami 3rd place.
- Winning his first 3 KSW MMA Fights

Favourite items
- Springfield S/L Zipped Hoodie - Black
- Lander Rashguard Long SLeeves - Army Green Camo
- Murdo Muay Thai / Kickboxing Shorts - Black/Gray

Instagram of Erko Jun

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