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Your new bodybuilding set?

Posted on 10-12-2019 by office@gorillawear.com

Gorilla Wear selected the ideal bodybuilder outfit just for you! Complete all of your workouts with the amazing items listed down below or all the other items which are waiting to improve your workout sessions.

Discover what your new item(s) will be.

Darlington cap- This is the ideal accessory in the gym to complete your look but also to be helpful. It holds down your sweat so your eyes or face will not be irritated due to the sweat. It is also adjustable due to the metal clasp to the back so it will fit everyone! There are a lot of different caps available, other colors, other shapes and hats. 
Click here to see all of the caps & hats.
Sterling Stringer Tank Top- whenever you wear it, this tank top will provide you with maximal ventilation and excellent mobility. Comfortable fit for a wide range of motion, perfect for weight-lifting, cardio, CrossFit, etc. The stretchy fabric allows you to train harder. accentuates your back muscles where you trained so hard for. This design also allows you to feel freer when exercising. Specially designed to handle the most intense workout sessions for you and your body.
Click here to see all stringer tank tops.

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San Antonio Shorts- The San Antonio Shorts are extremely comfortable due to the lightweight design and tapered fit. These shorts are also very stretchy so they are ideal during your workouts. The waist comes with a high-quality drawstring for a personalized fit. Two pockets on the front and one on the back to store your stuff.
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Perry High Tops Pro - Gorilla Wear Perry High Tops are feather light with ultimate traction for competition. Ideal for your heavy fitness and bodybuilding workouts. These ultra-light shoes provide the user with comfort, support, and stability with an unlimited range of motion. Besides this Gorilla Wear High tops overlapping strap create a full, lockdown foot wrap. With these shoes, you can handle the most extreme workouts.
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For the latest added products please check the New Arrivals or our Instagram to stay up to date.

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